What Does it Take to be Successful?

Is failure found to be the prerequisite for success? Failure before success is scientifically a fact. So why are so many people afraid of failure? Do you even try or give up before they start? It’s because of their mindset. A perfectionist mindset or low self-esteem will destroy any great idea or relationship.

Perfection is hidden in imperfections.

But what is the difference between a winner and a loser?

A winner learns from the previous failure. They take the time to reflect on what worked and what didn’t work and then focus on what needs to change. Someone who fails and keeps failing gets stuck in the mindset of trying to make it work and thinking it should work.

This cycle occurs in all part of life. For example relationships; staying in a relationship that doesn’t work or hoping the other person needs to change or will change - is an illusion. What needs to change is the only person who can change is you.

How to WIN

What matters is how people fail, how they respond to failure, and where those failures lead.

If you cannot change or get stuck in failure, it could be because of your brain.

Check and see if your brain can change or if you cant make one more decision.

Be successful take action The Brain Health Assessment program can resolve and remove many blocks that begin in the mind.

Click on the link. https://www.fasciatraininginstitute.com/product/brain-health-assessment/

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Simone Fortier

Simone Fortier


Founder of Stretching Fascia Therapy and Fascia Training Institute, Author, Health Educator and Health Coach, Speaker, Medical Intuitive