Is it True People Connect in Times of Crisis?

What constitutes a real emergency is when it draws people together, not keep them apart. It is documented throughout history.

People connect in times of crisis.

A new study by Markus Heinrichs and Bernadette von Dawans at the University of Freiburg Germany that acute stress, the brain goes into fight or flight leads to more extraordinary cooperative, social and friendly behavior. Our built-in collective survival instinct kicks in.

It was a big snow day here. After being locked down and afraid of your neighbor for months on end, it brought everyone out on the street shoveling and snow blowing. Neighbors were chatting, helping, and laughing at how crazy it has been.

One neighbor, who was out shoveling, who would not allow her children to go outside, invited other children to play at her house. A real disaster brings people together, trusting each other and supporting each other. The snow day took people’s fear and put it to work. Once they realized the fear was not real, they all lived and were healthy.

The immune system works. That is how our population got to be close to 8 billion.


If you hear a lie often enough, it starts to sound real. According to what’s called the “illusory truth effect,” the more you hear a false statement, the more accurate it starts to sound. That is why I stopped watching the news in March. It was terrible for my brain and my immune system; it created so much anxiety and distrust.

The big lie can no longer take hold, and it is losing its grasp, a step towards normal. Neighbors helping neighbors and people reconnecting are starting to happen as the control is cracking; it’s not COVID-19 fatigue; it’s the lie being revealed. People’s inner knowing, which has been suppressed by the intellect, is starting to shine through. The inner knowing connects us to God, the creator, or simply energetics of the world. The immune system works, and if it doesn’t, there is a reason.

Getting my brain back is a statement I hear all the time working with concussion people. It’s like a light switch goes on one day. That happened on a snow day.

People started waking up from the lie.

When the threat is not real, it separates people. Creates an underlying distrust, distrust your neighbor and your sense of knowing what is right or wrong.

I am not saying the virus is not real. It sure is the flu. No other flu has been micromanaged and documented more than any other. When we dissect anything, we see how bad or how great it is. Not many people journaled about their last flu or shared the man cold on social media as this flu has been. It seems worse than any other flu, which it is not. It is being used to meet many agendas. And the agenda is about power and money — spoiler alert, it’s not your health.

  1. The first agenda for COVID-19 was China’s Hong Kong’s takeover; Taiwan is now on the cutting board.
  2. To bring plastics back as a crowd favorite, being annihilated by the environmentalist, who now are polluting more than ever with the mask and disposable plastics, on the illusion that will keep you safe. Billions are being made before people wake up, and plastic becomes less of a crowd-pleaser again; they made their money.
  3. Hand sanitizer that medical doctors fought so hard to remove from public use as it is deadly to some people, when used in high quantities and destroys your immune system, the first line of defense the skin.
  4. Then the box stores were the only ones that could be open; they were safe and trusted
  5. The virus lived in small stores and small businesses and gyms.
  6. Fast food was the best way to keep safe, yet weaken your immune system, if you don’t know-how, it merely causes inflammation in your body, fake food is as a toxin and the immune system has to attack, yes that is why you need Rolaids/Tums, which prevents absorption of all nutrients by the way along with acid reflux medication ( not for your health — it’s for-profit)
  7. Amazon loved this lockdown made billions more.
  8. Google also gained more control and made more money.
  9. Governments have used to create more tax, pass bills and laws that restrict your freedoms under the guise of your safety.

I cannot be more transparent; this is not about safety. This lockdown frenzy is about money.

Your immune system works.

Almost a year of being lied to can take its toll on the brain and the body. Your brain ends up giving up.

When rules don’t make sense

The lockdown was not about your health.

For example,

You can’t go to people’s homes during Christmas or Thanksgiving; then, the next day, announce that you can attend one event. If the virus were that deadly, they would not continue to change the “rules.” The rules are made upon the premise of hospital beds and the prediction of how many will be used. The lockdown is a financial play.

  1. Governments and hospitals created tents and used buildings to take the overflow of patients in ICU; that never happened, but it might.
  2. The second wave could have set up tents or used all the empty building space due to COVID bankruptcy; let’s scare everyone by talking about ICU beds and how they are overflowing. 143 Occupied ICU beds out of 1000. Is that a state of emergency? No, but it might be….

It’s time to heal your brain, which inherently knows the truth.

The truth does not cause you to run from your neighbor, report your neighbor, or make your children see everyone as a disease. That is bad for brain health and the immune system.

Don’t waste your life being afraid you will die because, in reality, you will.

Just not likely from the flu.

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Simone Fortier

Simone Fortier


Founder of Stretching Fascia Therapy and Fascia Training Institute, Author, Health Educator and Health Coach, Speaker, Medical Intuitive